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UPDATE: Human Remains Found in Fox River

Aug 04, 2018 07:44PM ● By Nate DeMont
We have received first-hand information regarding the discovery of a partial skeleton on the Fox River  near the RT 30 Overpass.

George Stenitzer of the Prairie State Canoeists led the Fox River Clean Up today, just as he does every year.  
"This year we paddled down from the park above the Mill Street Bridge as usual....I caught up with my group on an island with a sign N8 (OFPD).

They picked up trash along the banks and islands when Doug Bosco, who was about 50 feet downstream from Stenitzer, said "Look at this."

"I went towards him and saw a hiking boot...Doug said there was a bone in it."

"Then I saw a skull under the strainer where the boot was caught. The bottom of the jaw appeared to be intact, but the top of the skull was under the strainer." Said Stenitzer.

After realizing what they had stumbled upon, the group quickly backed away from the remains and called 911 who used Geo-Location to pinpoint the exact spot of the discovery.