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Oswego Police Hosting Paper Shredding Event

Apr 15, 2016 04:42PM ● By Steven Jack

Identity theft is a serious crime. Those who are victimized can spend countless hours and money cleaning up the mess thieves have made of one’s good name and credit record. Vigilance in protecting personal information is crucial.

 To assist in the prevention of identity theft, the Oswego Police Department is partnering up with First National Bank of Oswego to offer a free shredding service to the community. 

Important personal documents no longer needed that should be shredded may include charge receipts, copies of credit card applications, insurance forms, physician statements, checks, bank statements, or expired charge cards and credit offers you get in the mail.

This event will take place on Saturday, April 16 from 9 a.m. to noon at the First National Bank located at 6601 US Route 34. You may bring up to 3 large file boxes full of papers to be shredded.

 How Identity Theft Occurs:

  • Your personal information is stolen from businesses or other institutions.
  • Your personal information is taken from your mailbox or your trash.
  • Personal information is captured using “skimming” devices.
  • On-line “phishing” scams.

For further information regarding Identity Theft, please visit the Oswego Police Department website and click on the Community Programs and Services link.