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Grande Park Elementary School Donates Water to Flint, Mich.

Mar 16, 2016 02:14PM ● By Steven Jack

Grande Park Elementary fifth-grade teacher Tammi Hettinger works to load over 40 cases of water collected by the Grande Park Elementary community.

Grande Park Elementary community service club Grande Park Gives Back has worked all year in getting the community involved in various community service projects. 

Their latest community service project was beyond successful. The students in Mrs. Hettinger’s club found out about the water crisis in Flint, MI, and were devastated by the thought of people not having water, something everyone needs to survive. They knew they wanted and needed to help.

From Feb. 22 to March 4 the students, staff, and community of Grande Park held a fundraiser to collect donations for water to be sent to Flint. The community donated over 40 cases of water, more than 55 gallon jugs of water, and a grand total of $910 in cash donations to be used to purchase more water.

Mrs. Hettinger, with the help of her husband and parents, was able to purchase and deliver more than 450 cases of water to Flint on Saturday, March 12. The water weighed over 10,000 pounds and required the use of 2 trucks for delivery. 

Mr. Rankin, owner of Rankin Construction Heaters, graciously donated the use of the trucks, paid for the fuel, and donated an additional $250 toward the cause. 

Mrs. Hettinger and Grande Park want to extend a huge thank you to Mr. Rankin and several of his employees for helping bring this service project to life and making it possible. Together, a difference has been made in the lives of many in Flint.