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Kendall County Election 2016: Dan Koukol, Candidate for Kendall County Board District 2

Mar 06, 2016 03:45PM ● By Steven Jack

Dan Koukol

Name: Dan Koukol

Website: Facebook Dan Koukol

Employment: Small Business owner and Managing Real Estate Broker

Education: Waubonsee, WIU and Real Estate Institute

Previously elected office: Kendall County Board

Relevant community service: Served on the Kendall County Fair Board, Partner with OswegoLand Park District and I support numerous organizations in and out of the county.

What are the county’s three most important capital needs (i.e. roads, buildings) at this moment? How should they be paid for?

These are the three most important issues facing the County now:

The county has built, repaired and maintained the county roads very well. I am the county highway chairman, I have started and finished two highway projects recently Ridge Road South under budget 1 million and Eldamaine Road North under budget 1 million.   The board took some of the saving to fund Phase 1 of Collins to Minkler to Orchard in Oswego.

Continue to be transparent to the tax payer and keep them informed of where there tax dollars are going too at the county.

Economic Development
I am The  Economic  Development Chairman.  I will continue to strive and work to bring companies into Kendall county and work to retain the ones we have here already.  Listen to the needs of the people and work to bring those goods and services here.

Do you think the County Board’s meeting times are convenient for residents to attend? Why or why not? What changes, if any, would you propose to the meetings schedule?

I support one day meeting and one night meeting. People with county business seem to make the day meeting. Attendance at day meetings is much better than the evening meeting.   I am always available for questions, concerns and thoughts. Day or night  My personal cell phone # is 630.669.1567

Should the County Board continue its policy of paying its members per diems (or per meeting), or should they change to a straight annual salary for board members? Why or why not? Is the pay for County Board members adequate or should they be paid more, or less?

Per diems at the county seem to be working properly since the sign in sheet system has been in place.   Switching to a straight salary would be fine if there was a policy attached that addressed absenteeism.  Salary for board members would have to be looked at with a close eye on the range. Three hundred plus employees, many boards, committees and partnered organizations (708 Mental Board etc). This is all being managed thru an administration office of 3.5 people.  There is not a lot of padding between issues and board.  As unfunded government mandates come down the chimney we have to deal with these not by choice but Law.