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Fake School Closing Alert Makes Rounds in Oswego

Jan 12, 2016 01:41PM ● By Shannon Antinori

Screenshot provided by an Only Oswego reader

Bone-chilling temperatures and high winds on Monday and Tuesday had some parents wondering if school would be closed in Oswego. 

So far, there haven't been any weather-related cancellations, but a phony online weather alert making the rounds Monday night falsely claimed District 308 campuses would be closed Tuesday.

The message, which was sent out late Monday night via text message, appeared to show the Oswego High School homepage with a “school cancelation advisory,” claiming campuses would be closed and after-school activities were cancelled on Tuesday, Jan. 12.

No such advisory appeared on the District 308 website, but it appears that someone with a little tech savvy — and an apparent desire for a snow day —may have altered the site’s source code to make the phony message appear in their browser. A screenshot of the fake alert was then sent out via text.

District 308 Community Relations Director Brian Graves would not comment on the fake advisory, but the district’s procedures for an actual weather-related closure are outlined on the district website.

A legitimate closing notification will not only be posted to the District 308 website, but also sent out via email and voice message to parents and staff.

School closing information is also posted on the EmergencyClosing Center website and provided to local radio stations WGN, WBBM, WERV and WSPY.