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Oswego Knights of Columbus Hall Closing

Dec 28, 2015 08:46PM ● By Steven Jack

The Oswego Knights of Columbus Hall on Washington Street will soon close.

One of Oswego's most recognizable buildings will be closing in the coming days. 

The Columbus Club of Oswego, which works closely with the Knights of Columbus, announced last week that the Knights of Columbus Hall on Washington Street is going out of business. 

Dave Bruckner, who serves as the hall manager and is a member of the Columbus Club board of directors and the Knights, said the decision to close the Hall came as a mutual decision between the Knights of Columbus, the club and the Diocese of Joliet, which owns the building and has been leasing it to the Columbus Club. 

The Columbus Club works hand in hand with the Knights of Columbus, but because of their status as solely a charitable organization the Knights aren't allowed to own the Hall or any of the equipment contained inside, Bruckner said. The Columbus Club's sole function was to operate and maintain the hall. 

"This is a mutual agreement between all three organizations," he said. "This is actually a good thing. We're ending our lease with the Diocese on very good terms and the Knights of Columbus will continue their charitable work, which is what it's all about."

As for where the Knights will hold their upcoming meetings, Bruckner said a temporary spot has been secured and it's likely they then will continue their meetings at St. Anne's in Oswego, which is the club's home church. 

As for the future of the Columbus Club, Bruckner said it will be dissolved after all the equipment inside the Hall is sold off, debts paid and the remainder of funds is donated to local affiliated charities. 

A sale of the equipment will be held from 7 a.m. to noon Saturdays and Sundays Jan. 2 and 3, 9 and 10. All items will be cash only and are sold as-is. The following items will be for sale:

  •    2 Blodgett pizza ovens
  •    Industrial gas oven with 6 burners
  •    Stainless steel prep table
  •    Commercial/restaurant grade shelving units
  •    1 large ice machine
  •     China place settings (including coffee cups, plates, etc.)
  •     Miscellaneous cookware
  •     Bunn pour-omatic commercial/restaurant coffee brewer
  •     Cookware pots and pans
  •     30-8 foot long tables (seats 8)
  •     15-6 foot round banquet tables (seats 8)
  •     120 brand new plush banquet chairs
  •     40 metal folding chairs
  •     40 card tables
  •     Hot dog machine
  •     2 popcorn machines
  •     Bar items (NO alcohol)
  •     Several gas grills
  •     2 sheds
  •     Floor waxer/buffer machine with supplies
  •     Miscellaneous kitchen/restaurant/bar supplies (including cups, napkins, toilet paper, etc.)
  •     Miscellaneous yard tools
  •     Many other items

For more information, call Brucker at 630-816-6087 or email or they can contact Steve Reilley-Finch at 630-853-2053 or