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Oswego School Board Seeking Members for Advisory Committees

Dec 21, 2015 06:10AM ● By Steven Jack
The School District 308 Board of Education is seeking new members for its Finance and Operations and Legislative Advisory Committees established to help determine the future direction of the district.
Each committee is comprised of residents, parents and employees of School District 308.  These committees evaluate current operations and develop recommendations for future improvements.
The committee meetings take place generally on a monthly basis in the early evening for approximately two hours.  All committee meetings are open to the public.
“The Board advisory committees offer a wonderful way for the district to collaborate with members of the public, and to ensure that District 308 residents and taxpayers are heard,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Matthew Wendt said.  “We have an opportunity to work together and offer recommendations to the Board of Education that can positively impact the school system.”
Ideal committee members are individuals with knowledge and/or experience in the committee area for which they apply.
Although the advisory committee may suggest recommendations for the superintendent to bring before the board, the board will not be bound by them.
Individuals interested in serving on either of these advisory committees are asked to review the charge of each committee listed below and then complete the information form and submit it to the district office.
  • The Finance and Operations Advisory Committee will consider district finances, operations, and business practices.
  • The Legislative Advisory Committee will work together as advocates for the district to discuss significant legislative issues related to education and provide input on those initiatives.  This information will be presented to the Board of Education in an effort to establish open and consistent communication between the local, state, and national elected officials.
Information forms for the committees must be received by January 11, 2016.  The forms will then be forwarded to the superintendent of schools, who will assist in making final committee selections and recommendations to the Board of Education.  Information forms are available online at or at the District 308 Administrative Center, 4175 Route 71, in Oswego.
“The Board advisory committees offer our parents, staff and community members the opportunity to take ownership in creating a world-class educational system,” says Board of Education President Matt Bauman.  “On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to thank our advisory committee volunteers and let them know that their efforts to improve District 308 are greatly appreciated.
To be considered as a volunteer for an advisory committee, click here complete the application form.