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Murphy Junior High Teacher Earns State Honors

Dec 14, 2015 06:42AM ● By Steven Jack
Kelly Waldron, a teacher of Sheltered English Instruction at Murphy Junior High School, has won the Digital Leaders Now (DLN) award from the Illinois Resource Center (IRC) for her work in the classroom.
Waldron was as a digital leader at the 39th Annual Statewide Conference for Teachers Serving Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students on Dec. 8 at the Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort and Conference Center.
The goal of the DLN program is to leverage technology in a way that provides new learning opportunities for English learners (EL) in classrooms and programs throughout the state. State Rep. Linda Hernandez (D) will present the award.
Waldron said that she is honored to win the award and loves the daily opportunities that her job affords.
“Teaching English language learners is so much fun,” she said. “They teach me about their country, schooling, and what life looks like where they came from. They make me push to be a better teacher everyday. I have become even more flexible, and I have found that these are some of the most dedicated students. They want to be at school, learn English, and become extremely successful.”