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Southbury Classroom Recognized as 'Certified Kind'

Oct 28, 2015 04:54PM ● By Steven Jack

Noor Shammas' fourth-grade class at Southbury Elementary has been "certified kind."

R.J. Palacio’s Wonder has spread kindness in classrooms and communities across the country and inspired the Choose Kind anti-bullying initiative.

The Certified Kind Classroom Challenge is a new way to instill the spirit of Wonder into classrooms by promoting, recognizing, and celebrating acts of kindness among peers throughout the school year.
Noor Shammas’ fourth-grade class at Southbury Elementary School has been keeping track of each kind deed in their classroom since the first day of school.

The students came up with a system of how to track the deeds and refined the system when they noticed problems. Students filled a marble jar with marbles. Each marble represented one kind deed.  
This fourth-grade classroom at Southbury is now recognized as a Certified Kind classroom nationwide and will receive a Choose Kind banner, a signed certificate of recognition from author R.J. Palacio, and they will be entered into a drawing to receive a personalized message from R.J. Palacio!