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Pet Rabbit Rescued in Oswego Park

Oct 27, 2015 01:46PM ● By Steven Jack

This female rabbit was found Tuesday morning in Oswego's Waa Kee Sha Park. (Photos courtesy of Jill Edleman)

Jill Edelman of Oswego is well known for her work in animal rescue. 

She has worked for years with The Puppy Mill project, which aims to end "puppy mill cruelty." But it's a different kind of furry creature that has her attention this week. 

After seeing a friend's Facebook post about a house rabbit spotted in Oswego's Waa Kee Sha Park, Edelman was able to capture the pet with some spinach and a crate Tuesday morning. She is currently in the process of finding a foster home for the black and white bunny.

"She was definitely someone's pet because she's very cuddly and loving," Edelman said. 

The rabbit's previous interaction with humans also made her pretty easy to catch.

"She was pretty easy to spot, and once I found her she just took a couple of steps, and I was able to snatch her up," Edelman said. "She's been around humans, otherwise she would have just taken off."

The rabbit has already been to the vet, and has been deemed healthy, Edelman said. However, she's been drinking a lot since she was captured, which also leads Edelman to believe she may be dehydrated. 

As for a microchip that might help identifying her, one hasn't been found. For now, Edelman said she will house the rabbit until she's moved to a new foster home and put up for adoption through a local agency. 

Anyone with information about the rabbit is asked to call Edelman at 630-240-8269.