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'Zombie Outbreak' Returns to Oswego

Oct 02, 2015 09:03AM ● By Steven Jack

The Oswegoland Park District will again provide thrilling and chilling fall event for the members of this community who are looking for a good scare! Park After Dark will test your will and skills on Saturday, Oct. 10.

Park After Dark is an interactive, outdoor event lets participants try their hand at surviving a zombie apocalypse. Park After Dark is not an athletic event or run; it is a trek along a wooded trail. Participants will be fully immersed in an evacuation adventure alongside the undead as one of Oswego’s beautiful parks hosts a swarming hive of flesh munching zombies.

The experience begins at South Point Center, 8 Preston Lane, Oswego where the story of a Zombie Outbreak begins.  Guests will be transported out of town through the remote “hot zone”.  The only chance of survival is to make it through this heavily infested forest without becoming infected. 

On your way, you will need to find and secure all of the elements that are essential for survival while evading the impending hoards of the undead in rough and uneven terrain. Bring a flashlight to help guide you during this interactive adventure. 

Dare to tackle the challenge solo, or assemble your best zombie survival team to increase your odds of making it out unscathed.  Upon emerging from the woods, all participants receive a t-shirt commemorating their survival or induction into the growing zombie nation. All guests will be returned back to South Point Center at the conclusion of their story.

This event is rated PG-13 (for blood, gore, darkness, and ghouls). Registration is currently being taken online at . Residents can sign up for $20 and Nonresidents pay $30. You can also sign up to be a zombie for $5. There are still spaces available for thrill seekers 12 & up at 4pm and 5pm and for 14 & up at 7:30pm and 8:30pm.