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Oswego Bears Week 4 Results

Sep 23, 2015 05:32PM ● By Steven Jack
Here are the latest results from Oswego Bears Pop Warner Football:

Tiny Mite 14 – Plainfield 0
Dominic Batista scored the first of three touchdowns after breaking five tackles.  Another week of awesome blocking by the offensive line.  Defensively the Tiny Mite Bears have continued their shut-out streak for the last three games allowing minimal first downs by the opposing teams.  Great job by both offense and defense!  Tiny Mites take on Lockport this Sunday 9 am in Lockport.  And we welcome the newest Bears to our ever growing family.  Congratulations to Coach Gilson and his family on the afternoon arrival of Connor Anthony Gilson!
Mitey Mite 1 (Slou) 0 -13
The Oswego Bears Mitey Mite team suffered a tough loss to the Plainfield Saints.  The offense was able to move the ball well, but weren’t able to punch it through into the end-zone.  Highlighting the offensive attack were big runs by Brayden Swanson and Trey Hernandez.  Jackson Miranda was able to pound the ball inside and gain some hard fought yards.  The defense was stellar once again, lead by Brenden Bisgrove and Damien Lewandowski.  The Saints were not able to mount any type of offensive attack, but they did take advantage of two miscues and find the end-zone twice.  The Bears hope to bounce back next week when they travel to Lockport.
Senior Mitey Mites 18 - Northshore Panthers 8
David Drendel ran for 79 yards on the day with 2 touchdowns. Christian Martyn ran 63 yards and Zac Clark with 15 yards. Drendel crossed the goal line on the opening 48 drive with a 3 yard plunge.  In the 2nd Quarter, the Bears capped off a 47 yard drive when Nick Tickle connects with Andy Lewis for a 12 yard TD pass, giving the Bears a lead of 12-0.  Drendel strikes again late in the 4th quarter with a 1 yard run to put the Bears up 18-8 as time expired.  Defense was led by Aiden Moriarty who was in on 10 tackles. Aiden had 2 sacks and was assisted on one sack by his right side partner Zac Clarke. Bryson Mello had 6 tackles on the day.  Great blocking by the line (Moriarty, Clarke, Brogan Mello, Parth Patel, Tyler Knizner and Nico Goduto) allowed the backs to make positive yardage all day. Gabe Harris, Colin Ryan and Lewis provided outside blocking. The Bears travel to Darien on September 26th to take on the Swarm.
Junior PeeWee 0 – GraysLake 20
It was a battle of the undefeated this weekend for the Oswego Bears Jr Pee Wee team up in Graylakes Lake. The game was a hard fought battle back and forth but Oswego struggled to finish drives and punch the ball in the end zone. The Bears offense moved the ball with Chase Gerwig, Matt Rodarte, Chris Dicosola, Colin Brown, Tyler Bibbs, Kian Triplett, Jackson Gillen & Colin Rowe. Gerwig completed 4 passed to leading receiver Dicosola for 50 yards. Rodarte, Gillen & Rowe ran the ball hard but Grayslakes big defense would bend but not break. The Oswego Bears special teams struggled and lead to a kickoff return and good field position for Grayslake. The Bears defense was put in though situations and could only hold off Grayslake so many times. Danny Lawrence, Eric Lewis, Caleb Adams, Jaden Nunez, Connor Mannis, Ben McCollum, Christian Zukauskas, Ronan & Titan Cornelius, Hannah Cullen, Noah Dial, Nick Gates, Joe Heizer, Kush Patel, Adri Qitaku & Gavin Lee all played hard. The Bears will be back at it next Sunday against Lockport and will be looking to get back on the winning track. 
Pee Wee 0 – Grayslake 31
The PeeWee team had a rough week against a very tough Grayslake football team. The offense had a tough first half, but the Bears were able to move the ball down the field in the second half.  Some of the key plays included a nice pass from Hunter Gibson to Ty Carlson and Ty running on a reverse. The Bears drove the length of the field, but the drive stalled on the 1 yard line. Carter Wojcik ran hard all day, including a scamper through the heart of the Knights defense.
The defense had a tough day trying to stop the vaunted Grayslake offense in the first half, but were able to turn it around, and shut the Knights out in the second half.  John Janssens had some nice tackles along with Hector Perez.  The Bears were able to force a couple fumbles created by Brandon Heffernan and Hector Perez, and were recovered by Chaise Schultz and Hector Perez respectively. The Bears will look to increase their record to 4-1 next Sunday at 1:30pm when they travel to Lockport to play the Junior Porters.
Jr. Midget 6 vs Grayslake 40
Another great game against an undefeated team. There were many highlights in this game that are not reflected in the score. The defense, including Luke Matyszka, Bennett Wojcik, Efrain Davila and Michael Walsh fought hard the entire game. Michael Walsh had an interception and a 20 yard return for a touchdown.   The offensive line, consisting of Cole Adams, Keegan Casey, Vince DiCosola, Cole Hansen, Ron Held, and Jacob Plohr, also persevered all game. They were able to move the ball and get several first downs. Ricky Jacobsen had a monster of a game, rushing for a total of over 75 yards the entire game. 
Varsity 12 – Lions 39
The Oswego Bears suffered their first loss of the season to a tough NorthWest Elite Lions team. Corey Provow threw for a touchdown to Tight-end Brendan Harkins and rushed for another to lead the scoring for The Bears. Provow had three long throws, two to wide receiver Jeremy Muehring and one to Mark Baron. Muehring first long catch help set up the first touchdown for the Bears which tied the game at 6-6. Three turnovers and the inability to contain Lions half back was the end result of a 39-12 lost. We moved the ball effectively but the 3 turnovers killed us and our defense could not stop the Lions offense. Sam Wilson ran the ball hard all day and was key to our successful offensive drives. We couldn’t stop them to get the ball back. The offensive line was led by Matias, Becker, Ponx, Precup and Zukauskas.