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Oswego Police Stepping Up Patrols Near Rail Crossings

Sep 08, 2015 01:38PM ● By Steven Jack

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To promote rail safety awareness and education, the Oswego Police Department will be participating in Illinois Rail Safety Week Sept. 13-19.

Enforcement details are planned throughout the week at various railroad grade crossings and railroad right-of-ways within the Village to address violations of both drivers and pedestrians who disobey the laws associated with railroad grade crossings and railroad property.

Oswego Police wish to remind drivers that not only is it against the law to stop a vehicle on railroad tracks, it is also against the law to stop a vehicle anywhere within the highway-rail grade crossing.

Highway-rail grade crossings are typically marked by white stop lines located on the pavement in advance of the crossing, and if not marked by white stop lines, the highway-rail grade crossing extends from protective gate arm to protective gate arm.

In Illinois during 2014, there were 134 crossing collisions involving motor vehicles, which resulted in 55 injuries and 24 fatalities. In addition, there were 48 trespasser incidents that resulted in 19 injuries and 29 fatalities when people trespassed on to railroad property. During 2014, Illinois ranked second in the nation in vehicle collision fatalities and third in the nation in trespasser fatalities.