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'Nothing Criminal' Took Place in Grosskopf Residency Controversy: Sheriff

Aug 21, 2015 12:30PM ● By Steven Jack

Oswego Township Highway Commissioner Gary Grosskopf (dark blue shirt) attended the Oswego Township Board last week, but did not comment on the controversy surrounding his residency in the state of Florida.

Oswego Township Highway Commissioner Gary Grosskopf did nothing illegal in spending the majority of the past 15 months living in Florida, the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office has concluded. 

Sheriff Dwight Baird on Friday released the findings of his office’s investigation into Grosskopf’s residency along with those from Kendall County Clerk Debbie Gillette who was simultaneously investigating Grosskopf’s voting records. 

“After extensively reviewing the findings of our investigation, we found nothing criminal took place that would result in charges being brought forward against Mr. Grosskopf,” Baird said. “I am disappointed that this type of behavior erodes the public trust in their elected officials but no laws were broken that would result in further activity from our office.”

Grosskopf’s residency first came into question after phone records revealed he had spent over 300 days since April 2014 living in Port Charlotte, Florida while being paid a $95,000 annual salary for his elected township job. 

Reached Friday by phone, Grosskopf said he’s still unwilling to comment. 

“I just want to get back to my job, and I really don’t want to make any press statements,” he said. 

Baird said investigators were unable to determine that Grosskopf had not completed his statutory duties as Highway Commission during the 15 months prior to the investigation. Those duties include: administrative work, maintain roads and bridges, manage personnel, and maintain public relations.

Detectives also contacted the United States Postal Service, Illinois State Police and the Illinois Secretary of State’s office in the investigation. 

“Detectives were able to determine that Grosskopf pays rent for his Oswego residence, receives mail at his Oswego residence, has a vehicle registered to the address for his residence, and possesses an Illinois driver’s license with the Oswego address,” the sheriff’s office said in its findings. “All of the information obtained by detectives supports that Grosskopf was a resident of Oswego, Illinois.”

In a separate investigation, County Clerk Gillette said she was unable to find evidence that Grosskopf obtain illegal Illinois voter registration status as a resident of Florida. 

“An internal review of our records has indicated that there was no compelling evidence to suggest Mr. Grosskopf was in violation of residency requirements,” Gillette said. “I am in agreement with the findings presented by the Sheriff’s Office and I’d like to thank them for their due diligence in thoroughly investigating this matter.”

Along with its findings, the Sheriff's Office also released its full investigative report. View it here.