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'Patience is Key to Success' as Buses Navigate Construction Zones

Aug 17, 2015 09:32PM ● By Steven Jack

Image courtesy of School District 308

Late arriving school buses during the first few days school are to be expected. 

Students inexperienced in taking the bus, nervous parents and new drivers can make for delays of a few minutes to half an hour in some cases. Add to that mix this year heavy road construction along Route 71 near several schools, and delays could get even longer. 

According to Derrick Berlin, School District 308’s director of transportation, his department is ready to handle all busing delays that may arise in the first few weeks, but patience will be important.. 

“As with the beginning of each school year, traffic flow the first couple of weeks are at the highest level and patience is key to our success,” Berlin said. “It will take some time for school faculty, students, parents and the community to become familiar with their respective facilities transportation service procedures.”

To prepare for traffic back-ups that could impact student travel times especially in the Route 71 and Plainfield Road/Washington Street area, Berlin said district bus drivers have been practicing their routes.

“Numerous schools are affected by the road project, most noted is Oswego High and Eastview Elementary,” Berlin said. “Routes have been evaluated to minimize the passage through effected roadways.  Bus drivers have conducted dry runs to review route timing and make adjustments when necessary.” 

Managing student safety through the construction areas is another concern for the district. Berlin said OHS students located in the walk zones west of Route 71 will be bused this year to ensure safe passage to school, and, where accessible, temporary sidewalks also have been installed. 

The district also continues to work with the Oswego Police Department during afternoon dismissal to control traffic along Route 71 as students leave school. However, Berlin urged parents, students, staff and the community to use the Plank Road entrance to lessen the impact on Route 71 bus traffic. 

As Route 71 construction continues through at least the fall of 2016, Berlin said the district will keep in close contact with all agencies involved and receive regular updates. He asked parents with questions regarding their child’s transportation to call the department at 630-636-2999.