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Only Oswego

Southbury Campers Reach 1,000-Mile Goal

Aug 13, 2015 02:14PM ● By Steven Jack

Campers at the Camp Connection site at the Southbury Elementary School were the latest group to reach their 1,000 miles goal for the summer.

At the beginning of the summer, the four Oswegoland Park District Camp Connection sites each established a Walking Club to engage campers in a challenge that would rally the children around a common goal and help staff and participants to stay active all summer long.

Since campers arrived in June, the participants have been pounding the pavement to log over 1,000 miles. The campers work together to achieve their site goal, with each participants’ steps counting towards the site total.

Daily walks have helped the sites to rack up the miles, and indoor activities and movement videos have added to the step count despite the rainy days. The sites track their progress individually using smartphone apps to help calculate the distance traveled, and share their ever-growing totals with each other.

Campers at the South Point site were the first to hit their 1,000 mile goal last month. 

Summer Camp Connection is the Park District’s all-day recreational camp program run in conjunction with School District 308. The program serves children 4 years old through those entering sixth grade, and is hosted in four locations throughout the community.