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State Rep. Kifowit Honors World War II Pilot in Oswego

Jun 22, 2015 05:17PM ● By Steven Jack

tate Rep Stephanie Kifowit, center, joins Phyllis Harvey, left, and her daughter Carol Gardner, right, on June 15 in Oswego. Kifowit recognized Phyllis’ service as a pilot in the Civilian Air Patrol during World War II.

In recognition of her service during World War II, State Rep. Stephanie Kifowit, D-Oswego, honored WWII Civil Air Patrol pilot Phyllis Harvey at a recent Monday morning coffee in Oswego.
 Kifowit presented Phyllis Harvey with a certificate from the United States House of Representatives and the Illinois House of Representatives for her service as a pilot in the Civil Air Patrol during World War II. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was founded on December 1, 1941 and was immediately called into service one week later when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. 

The CAP helped patrol America’s coastline, performed anti-submarine operations and provided courier service throughout the United States. Women were an invaluable part of this mission, serving as mechanics, radio operators, office staff, and pilots.

In 2014, Congress awarded the Civilian Air Patrol with a Congressional Gold Medal for their contribution to the war effort. The medal is the nation’s highest honor bestowed on civilians.
“It’s the service of people like Phyllis who helped pave the way for women, including myself, to serve in our nation’s armed forces,” Kifowit said. “She is truly an inspiration for women to strive to accomplish their goals and aspirations."