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Oswego Resident Announces Candidacy for Coroner

Jun 12, 2015 07:51AM ● By Steven Jack

Carl Gutierrez recently announced his candidacy for Kendall County Coroner.

Oswego resident Carl Gutierrez recently announced his candidacy to replace retiring Kendall County Coroner Ken Toftoy.

Gutierrez a father of two sons and a life-long resident of Kendall County who has worked in the Coroner’s Office as a Deputy Coroner since 2012. Gutierrez is a retired Lieutenant with the Illinois State Police having served the state for 30 years. 

During his career in law enforcement, Gutierrez served in many leadership roles with State Police including as the acting Statewide Supervising Special Agent to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. He also served in the Illinois Army National Guard for 13 years retiring honorably from his military post with the rank and position of 1st Lieutenant, Company Commander.      

“I have committed more than half my life-time to serving and protecting the people of Illinois and I want to bring that experience and leadership to Kendall County residents,” said Carl Gutierrez. “I chose to live and raise a family in the community I grew up in because of the wonderful services and qualities of life it has to offer. ... If elected, my first action as Coroner will be to refuse the tax-payer funded pension and healthcare. I am committed to furthering a more economical and efficient office by utilizing experienced leadership holding myself accountable to the people of Kendall County.” 

Gutierrez said he believes the Coroner’s office does a good job currently but updating policies/procedures, new technology and adding focus on creating quarterly training for employees, will better streamline the office and better prepare and educate deputies for a growing community. 

Gutierrez also said if elected, he will donate a portion of the Coroner’s annual salary to starting a scholarship program to give opportunities to young residents of Kendall County who plan to further their education with a focus in forensic law, first responder medical fields and criminal science investigation.