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ADOPT ME: Storm Needs a Forever Home

Jun 08, 2015 08:36PM ● By Steven Jack

Storm has been a great big brother to a fellow foster cat.

Meet Storm. He is a 1-year-old nearly all black cat in need of a new forever home. 

Formally an outdoor cat, Storm has adjusted wonderfully to being indoors. After all, predictable meals, consistent shelter, and no fighting will really turn a bad boy kitty into a calm little lover.

Storm was rescued in Oswego after surviving outdoors for several months.

He loves to be pet on his head and back but is apprehensive about being touched on his sides and stomach, after all, those are his most vulnerable areas and he still feels the need to protect himself. 

Storm is ready for a family and his own home. He is curious about other cats, he has not had any issues with the fellow foster or resident cats. He will need proper introductions to current pets. Storm needs a home without dogs.

For more information on Storm, call Monica at 630-803-1155.