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Email Threat Deemed a Hoax by Oswego Police

Jun 05, 2015 01:44PM ● By Steven Jack

Oswego Police have confirmed that an email sent late last month to residents in the Southbury Subdivision threatening to “shoot up your school” was a hoax. 

According to Media Relations Officer Cathy Nevara, police confirmed that the email account of an Oswego resident was hacked from overseas — likely from Finland. The email, sent in the early morning of May 24 to about 300 residents on a Yahoo email group in the Southbury Subdivision, contained the title “I Will Shoot Up Your School.” 

Oswego Police are now working with the FBI as the investigation continues, Nevara said.

The threat prompted Oswego School District 308 to take extra security precautions in the days following the threat, including stepped patrols around schools and officers stationed at pick-up and drop-off lines.

The family whose email was hacked has previously been the target of hackers who have posted their personal information on the Twitter account of Tesla Motor Co. and its founder Elon Musk. The adult son of the family works in the technology field as a so-called “white-hat hacker” who helps companies discover online security vulnerabilities. 


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