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Father of Missing Solider Travels to Colorado to Search for Son

May 22, 2015 09:11AM ● By Steven Jack

Tom Domres (third from left) arrived in Colorado Springs earlier this week to search for his son, missing U.S. Army SPC Danny Domres (second from left). (Domres family photo courtesy of GoFundMe)

The father of missing U.S. Army SPC Danny Domres traveled this week to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to search for his son. 

According to updates provided on his Facebook page, Tom Domres arrived in Colorado Springs from the family’s home in St. Louis Park, Minn. on Tuesday and has been searching the area, posting fliers and talking to people who know his son.

“Wish I could report a sighting, but I am still on the trail,” Tom Domres wrote Wednesday. “If you see him, please provide a tip. We will keep your information confidential. I am not the police or the Army. I am just a normal dad chasing breadcrumbs, shadows and rumors. I just want to make sure he is ok.”

Danny Domres, a 2012 graduate of Oswego High School, has been considered AWOL from Fort Carson, since Monday, May 11, when he apparently walked off the base after an alcohol test. Danny may be suffering from post traumatic stress disordered after serving for nine months in Afghanistan in late 2012 and early 2013, and his mother, Julie, has said his superiors are concerned about his safety.

Danny still has friends in the Oswego area that he may reach out to, Julie said. 

Tom Domres said he has spoken to local police, and has been trying to get the attention of the local media to help spread the word of the search. He was finally successful on Thursday night when a local television station broadcast the story. Tom Domres said he hopes to get the attention of a Denver TV station in the coming days, as well. 

According to reports, Danny was picked up from the base by another car after making a phone call. He also was spotted in a local Walmart last week. Tom Domres said no other leads have panned out. 

To help the family deal with the financial burden of the search, a GoFundMe page has been set up. So far, about $4,600 has been donated.