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Which Oswego Streets Will Be Resurfaced This Summer?

May 20, 2015 07:22AM ● By Steven Jack

Stock image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

The Village Board Tuesday night approved about $1.2 million in local road improvements for this summer.

The work will be paid for using about $240,000 in motor fuel tax revenue, and about $1 million will be taken from surplus funds in the village budget. Trustee Pam Parr, who eventually voted to use the surplus funds, said she was uneasy spending the money without a way to replace it. 

“I’m willing to take it out of reserves now, but only if we have a way to pay the money back,” she said. “I think it’s irresponsible to suck the money dry without a way to (replenish it).”

Trustees have for years debated how the village should fund its increasing infrastructure repair needs. Public Works Director Jennifer Hughes has said the village will need to spend $2 to $3 million annually to keep pace with future road work. 

Twice in the past year, trustees have rejected increases to local sales and motor fuel taxes to help pay for the work. However, with a change in trustees resulting from the April election, another vote on the increases with a different result may be coming soon. 

Newly elected trustees have said they support the possible tax increases to pay for infrastructure improvements, and trustees Judy Sollinger and Parr have voted for them in the past.

“We’ll be making some decisions in the near future that I think will help get this done,” Sollinger said.

Trustee Karin McCarthy-Lange was the lone no vote Tuesday night. She said she wanted to delay the vote until a funding mechanism could be put in place.

This summer’s work is set to begin around Memorial Day and will be complete by the end of June, weather permitting. Here’s a look at the roads that will be repaired and resurfaced in the coming weeks: 

  • Barickman Ct from Old Reserve Rd to South End
  • Bluestem Ct from Half Round Rd to North End
  • Half Round Rd from Stephens Rd to Old Reserve Rd
  • Old Reserve Rd from Goldenrod Dr to Grove Rd 
  • Belmont Avenue from Baden Ave. to Cardinal Ave.
  • Camden Circle
  • Isleview Drive from Morgan Valley to Lakeview Drive
  • Deerfield Drive from west end to Amherst Circle
  • Locust Street from Forest Avenue to Benton Street
  • Springdale Road from Barnaby Drive to Village Limit
  • Versailles Parkway from Bluegrass Parkway to Fifth Street
  • Yoakum Boulevard from Fifth Street to Bluegrass Parkway
  • Fifth Street from Kensington Drive South to US Route 30