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PrairieFest Medallion Hunt Underway

May 09, 2015 07:46AM ● By Steven Jack

PrairieFest is upon us! Or at least, the Medallion Hunt has begun. Clue #1 is up and posted and we are excited to share a new clue each week leading up to the festival.

Enthusiasts in our area will scour the community for clues to discover the location of the Medallion.  Starting Friday, May 8, six weekly clues will be released, requiring different methods to solve.  Code cracking, deduction, trivia and more will lead you to different spots in the area.  Combined, all six clues will solve the ultimate question – where is that Medallion? Participants who figure out each clue and find the official medallion on the sixth week, winning $250!

Clues will be listed on: the PrairieFest Facebook, at Oswegoland Park District facilities, and announced on WSPY 107.1 at 1:20pm.  The winner will be the first person/team who brings the medallion to an Oswegoland Park District facility. The winning person/team must be able to identify the six secret locations of clues throughout the hunt in order to claim their prize!

This event is organized by the Oswegoland Park District with the generous support of festival donors, Jimmy and Joyce Frankino.  For more information, contact Cori Veverka at or call (630) 554-1010.


Welcome to this year’s hunt
This will be fun, but we won’t be blunt.
Follow the clues until the end
Visit the first spot soon with man’s best friend.