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What's on Your Parent Bucket List?

May 04, 2015 01:50PM ● By Pamela Hampton

My daughter is always writing lists, poems, and notes. 

I was in her room the other day, and I saw a list she started and the title was “Bucket List”.  Her bucket list consisted of very simple tasks like: 1. Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in less than 50 seconds and 2. Buy new pens. 

After reading the list I asked her what is a bucket list. She told me that a bucket list is a list of things you want to do. Then I asked her where did she get this information from, and she said she heard it on a TV show. 

After I told her the true meaning of Bucket List she decided to change it to mean things to do before she becomes a teenager. After having this conversation with my daughter I started thinking about all the things I did before I became a mom and all the things I would like to do as a mom. 

Ideally as moms we would like to give our children 100 percent. We would like to take them to see new places and experience new things. We would like to let them know that we will always be there for them and they can always trust us.  Most importantly, we would like to give them the tools to become caring, honest, respectful and educated members of society. 

How on earth do you prepare yourself for this? Well you start at the beginning — the foundation. When I was growing up my grandmother stressed two things — education and travel. 

I started school at 3 years old; I was taught to read everything from the street signs to the labels on the cans in the pantry. I was surrounded by cousins that were in college, and they allowed me to sit in on their study sessions when I was as young as 9 years old. 

I have family all over the United States and every summer my sister and I would visit relatives from Mississippi to Nantucket Island. Having experienced the consistency of travel and education at such an early age has made them both a part of my adult life. 

Here’s a thought: make a “Mom Bucket List,” and on this list include three things you would like to do as a mom before your kids turn 18. 

Remember you have to lay the foundation and be consistent. I’ll go first. 

1. Travel by air more so that my kids become accustomed to flying. 

2. Teach my daughter and son how to cook. 

3. Give them the opportunity to learn a different language. 

As moms we are responsible for so much so this is just the beginning, our list will grow as our children blossom.

Kid 2 Kid

We have already heard the items on my daughter’s bucket list so I asked my son what would he put on his bucket list, he said 1. Meet Kobe Bryant 2. Host a TV basketball show. Well, let’s get started. 

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I am an Oswego mom to two wonderful kids and the wife of the greatest man I know. I have written 3 children’s books all about my kids, the stories are true and the material is endless. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Chicago State University and a Master’s Degree from DeVry’s Keller School of Management. You can catch me around town shopping, at the movies or volunteering at my kids' school.