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Hitting the Road with the Kids Should be a Learning Experience

Apr 14, 2015 08:05AM ● By Pamela Hampton

Spending time with your family is very important.  

In this day and age kids get more days off from school than we did, and as parents we should take this as an opportunity to teach, train and expand the minds of our children. 

I know parents who start traveling when their kids are infants, I am not that parent. I commend all those moms with babies on flights. I wanted to wait until my kids were a little older before we started doing long distance vacations. 

I have taken them to Key Lime Cove and Wisconsin Dells when they were younger, but now I think they will remember the vacations so we can hit the road and catch a flight. 

Step one hit the road. For this spring break we went to St. Louis. The purpose of this trip was to visit the home of one of my favorite reality shows Sweetie Pies, which airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

The show is about a former Tina Turner back-up singer who turned to cooking soul food and opened a restaurant in St. Louis. She now has three restaurants in St. Louis and one opening soon in Los Angeles. 

The trip there was great. The kids watched movies and ate snacks, and to my surprise they didn’t have to stop to use the restroom once! 

During our stay in Missouri we visited the Arch, St. Louis Zoo, Sweetie Pies restaurant, Busch Stadium, St. Louis University.  On the way back home we stopped at Illinois State University. 

Even though this trip was intended for me to go to Sweetie Pies, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show my kids a college campus and discuss the history of the Arch.  

One thing that I have learned from my psychology classes and Steve Harvey is that in life you have to have a goal, something has to be put in front of you that you want to reach.  In the words of Dr. Phil “kids learn what they live”. Have you ever looked around to see how your kids are living?

About me

 I am an Oswego mom to two wonderful kids and the wife of the greatest man I know. I have written 3 children’s books all about my kids, the stories are true and the material is endless. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Chicago State University and a Master’s Degree from DeVry’s Keller School of Management. You can catch me around town shopping, at the movies or volunteering at my kids' school.