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Letter: Harris the Right Kind of Change for School Board

Apr 01, 2015 04:32PM ● By Steven Jack

We’re writing this letter in support of Kevin Harris, candidate for District 308 School Board.

 We’re new to the district and have some serious concerns about the current School Board Leadership and their ability to effectively govern under its current make up.

 We have three children in District – 16 year old Daughter in her junior year at Oswego East HS, and 13 year old Son and 11 year old Daughter, respectively, in the 8th and 6th grade at Murphy MS. We love the area and chose Grande Park for our home and District 308 for our kids schooling. Obviously, the future of the district is very important to us, which starts with having the right Leaders on the school board.

 With that being said, we’ve known Kevin and his family personally for more than 10 years. As a Father, Husband, Boy Scout Troop Leader, Youth Sports Coach, Business Leader, and Community Activist, Kevin is a man of high integrity with an impeccable track record. From our own personal experience, his dedication to helping others in the community, commitment to family, and passion for working with youth to meet their goals, reflects his core values and what he’s all about.

We’ve attended several candidate forums and have become very acquainted with the platforms and backgrounds of the other candidates. Without question, Kevin’s educational background, leadership experience and passion to help our schools and neighborhoods, clearly separates him from the others as a highly qualified and more than capable candidate.

 In the numerous forums and meet and greet activities, Kevin has repeatedly demonstrated the aptitude, ability to solve problems and vision necessary to move this board to a higher and more respectable level. Unlike most of his opponents, his message and platform has been consistent, substantive and attainable.

With the numerous complaints and questions about the integrity and communication process of the current board, I’m of the opinion that change…the right kind of change is needed. Kevin Harris is exactly the kind of change District 308 needs.

In closing, we fully support and stand behind Kevin Harris for District 308 School Board.

Ray and Carla Dennis, Plainfield