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Letter: District 308 Would Benefit from the Service of Harris

Apr 01, 2015 04:26PM ● By Steven Jack

This letter is being written to support the candidacy of Kevin Harris for the Oswego School Board.

Kevin Harris has shown himself to be a parent who is a leader, encourager, and advocate for both students and education systems.  He maintains an awareness of events and needs within a school, and is willing to give his time and experience to work toward improvements. 

Mr. Harris has served our school as an athletic coach, a Junior Achievement instructor, and in several volunteer positions that occur during a school year. He works with students and parents in a manner that is respectful and motivating.

I believe the community and school district of Oswego would benefit from the experience and leadership that Kevin Harris has demonstrated with students and educational institutions.

Emery Risdall, Principal, Calvary Christian School, Naperville