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Letter: Ploger Will Hold District Administration Accountable

Apr 01, 2015 04:23PM ● By Steven Jack
I spoke recently with Jared Ploger about his plans to repair communication between our upper administration and parents.  My concern was that I have heard the comment dialogue quite a bit recently.  I wanted to voice my concerns about this type of language when it comes to communicating  with parents in our district. 

As he outlined his actual plan, I realize this was authentic communication.  He wants to hold more public forums, increase surveys from parents and staff, and have the Board of Education create those surveys with which to monitor the job performance of our upper administration.  I was reassured that not only did he have a plan but that he wasn’t just restating something driven from the upper administration. 

We all know the administration has a job to do.  We have put money and faith in them to produce outcomes.  However,  we also vote a Board of Education in as a way to check the power of our administration. I have confidence that Jared Ploger will hold our upper administration accountable and work hard for the students and parents in this district to ensure their voices are heard. 

Please join me in voting for Jared Ploger on April 7th and restore trust in our Board of Education.

Jill Uswajesdakul