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Letter: Ploger Will Take on Challenges Facing District 308

Apr 01, 2015 04:20PM ● By Steven Jack

I have listened to Jared Ploger over the last few months and have most been impressed with his ability to listen and relate to the various stakeholders here in our school district. I have seen him at many important school functions and meetings. 

Jared has demonstrated an ability to listen to many diverse groups here in our district.  I have learned that Jared is a parent and as well as an educator.  He has two boys in the district who attend Oswego 308 schools and his retired mother lives in the district as well.  He grew up in the small town of Somonauk just west of here, but teaches in the diverse city of Bolingbrook.  

He coaches basketball and coaches his school’s academic team as well.  As a three time Illinois Basketball Coaches Association coach of the year and a coach of a state qualifying academic team, he has demonstrated he knows how to successfully lead diverse groups, create rigorous goals, and achieve success at a high level.  Jared is someone who can work with, listen and lead our school district as it continues to grow and face challenges into the future. 

I will be voting for Jared Ploger on April 7th.  I hope you will too.

Jacqueline Bjes