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Letter: Kauffman Will Work to Develop Strong Partnerships

Apr 01, 2015 04:18PM ● By Steven Jack

Taking responsibility for the well-being and improvement of one’s community is a belief endorsed by Village Trustee Candidate, Ryan Kauffman.  He sees the combination of knowledge, skill, volunteering to help others, and the development of strong partnerships to be the building blocks of a cohesive community.

Ryan resides in Oswego with his wife, Kristin, and four-month old son, Dylan.  He is currently serving on the police commissioner’s board, regularly volunteers at a PAD Homeless Shelter, and volunteered at the Downers Grove Humane Society for two years.  In 2012, Ryan sponsored a book drive for Fuller Elementary School, engaging local schools, businesses and community residents.   These efforts resulted in the delivery of over 600 books and a large quantity of school supplies to under-privileged children.

He received his under-graduate degree in economics and finance at North Central College in Naperville and then went on to receive his MBA in finance from the same College.  For the past ten years Ryan has worked for Northern Trust in the accounting department.  His current position is Team Leader.

Over the years Ryan has cultivated a strong desire to help others – not out of obligation, but a passion towards a community whose residents are socially in tune with the needs of others as well as their own. 

Ryan’s leadership abilities and drive to be involved with the community as well as his persistence and tenacity to see a job completed and well done, is no surprise.  As his mom, I saw these characteristics and traits as he grew.  

Living in this climate, when experiencing heavy snowstorms, it would not be unusual to see Ryan going door to door, helping neighbors dig out, or in the family 4 x 4 jeep, pulling stuck drivers out of their predicament.  Often at Christmas we would shop for underprivileged children and then deliver the gifts to the fire department for delivery of the gifts.  Ryan seemed to get a great sense of satisfaction from this.

These characteristics have manifested into a strong, capable and caring individual, who will work for the best interest of Oswego and its residents.

Cindy Tegler