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Letter: Right-to-Work Zone in Oswego Would De-Value Hard-Working Residents

Mar 30, 2015 08:02PM ● By Steven Jack

On Tuesday, March 31, the Oswego Village Board is considering adopting a resolution crafted by Gov. Bruce Rauner to support a right-to-work zone in our community. 

This resolution would send a message to our teachers, firefighters, police, and other hardworking and skilled union members, that their services are not valued in their current state and that their rights to collectively bargain should be stripped. 

While I do not speak for them in an official capacity, Oswego CUSD 308 and the Oswego PD employ a large number of people in our community. To adopt the philosophy that these employees (many of them residents of Oswego)  do not deserve competitive pay, a high standard of working conditions, and the right to collective bargaining is not what we are about in Oswego. 

Even more outrageous is the fact that local Right-to-Work zones are not permissible under federal law. That Oswego would even entertain passing a resolution that defies federal law and de-values the hard working residents of our community would be an absolute shame. 

Please contact members of the Board or attend the meeting Tuesday to voice your disapproval of this resolution in our town.

Amanda Mancke