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Only Oswego

Letter: Ploger Committed to Hearing All Community Voices

Mar 30, 2015 01:34PM ● By Steven Jack
“We need Oswego 308 schools to be a part of our community not apart from our communities.”   This statement from candidate Jared Ploger resonated with me.  I have been impressed with his knowledge of our district and how well he understands the pulse of this district. 

Mr. Ploger has been out meeting with various community members and it shows.  I want to vote for someone I know is easily accessible.  Jared Ploger has proven his desire and ability to do just that, be accessible.  I also want to vote for someone who I know values input from all stakeholders.  Mr. Ploger has proven his commitment to making sure voices are heard from instead of being shunned or discarded. 

I have been impressed with Jared’s ability to speak to an array of communities in this very large school district as well as the various diverse groups inside each of our communities.  

I hope you will join me in voting for Jared Ploger on April 7th.

Melanie Bowden