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Letter: Motykowski Pledges to Not Raise Taxes

Mar 30, 2015 01:25PM ● By Steven Jack
I am writing because I would like to ask for your vote on Tuesday, April 7th, for Oswego Village Trustee.

We must elect fiscally responsible trustees who understand that taxing the residents of Oswego out of their homes is NOT the answer. The last 8 years under Brian LeClercq and his conservative leadership has put Oswego on a solid financial foothold.

A plan is in place to continue saving for future projects and use the current tax dollars efficiently. We do not need to raise taxes because our neighboring towns did. Keeping taxes lower than our surrounding communities and marketing to our neighbors to shop Oswego will increase our revenues without putting the burden on our Oswego residents.

We will prioritize our needs and plan for our wants. This local election is crucial to the families of Oswego. If you want Oswego to stay affordable I urge you to vote Tony Giles for Village President, (write-in) JAMES MARTER for Village Trustee, Diane Selmer for Village Trustee and myself, Rasma Z Motykowski for Village Trustee.

We will not raise your taxes and we will keep Oswego on the right path, one that we all can be proud of.

Rasma Z Motykowski Candidate for Oswego Village Trustee