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Letter: Giles Makes Pledge for Responsible Development

Mar 27, 2015 08:52AM ● By Steven Jack

I am thankful to have served the people of Oswego as a trustee since 2007 and I am proud of my record over the last 8 years. 

Oswego welcomed 52 new businesses in 2014 and is the 4th highest in Northern Illinois in housing starts. I have never voted to raise your taxes and I have refused to give taxpayer money to developers. My bottom line with every vote was keeping the taxpayers in mind. I was right in those decisions because we accomplished all of this without giving away taxpayer money to developers.

My opponent has voted for and supported multiple fee/tax increases in her 4 years as trustee. In my 8 years as trustee I have provided a balanced budget, made the difficult decisions to reduce spending, and still kept excellent services in Oswego. 

A vote for Tony Giles is a vote to bring in new businesses, like the 52 new businesses we added last year, NO TAX or fee increases and responsible development that keeps the entire village’s best interest in mind. We will have not just more growth, but better growth. We will have responsible development. With every new development we must evaluate how it will impact all residents in Oswego, their quality of life, the effect it will have on other taxing bodies, and on traffic.

I have always remained true to my word. As your Village President I will not raise your taxes.

Please vote for me on April 7th.

Tony Giles, candidate for Village President