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Letter: West is a Devoted Father, Loyal Public Servant

Mar 26, 2015 07:13PM ● By Steven Jack
We can’t think of anyone better to represent the people of Oswego as Village Trustee, than our dad, Joe West.  

Our dad is loyal, loving, and devoted.  He will move Oswego forward with leadership you can trust.   Joe has always been called to service.  Just after his high school graduation, our dad joined the Marine Corps to serve his country during the Vietnam War.  

He has taught my sister and me what it means to put your family first and to care for others before you care for yourself.  He has taught us to give back and to serve, and now he wants to serve the people of Oswego as Village Trustee.  

We will be supporting our dad in the race for Village Trustee, and we encourage you to vote Yes for Joe West on April 7th.    

Traci Weiss and Amie Wade