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Letter: Giles Has Proven Himself as a Trustee

Mar 26, 2015 07:10PM ● By Steven Jack

Oswego needs Tony Giles in a position of leadership, accompanied by three new fiscally conservative and qualified Oswego Village Trustees.  His opposition, Gail Johnson, is well funded by special interests, but is unqualified and in fact, downright dangerous with our tax money.

Gail Johnson has a Village Trustee track record of bad judgments, missteps, wasteful spending, and overstepping her authority to name just a few.  She is unqualified to be Village President.  If not for Tony Giles and a few other capable Trustees, she might have raised our standing from 29th highest taxing county in the USA to something higher.

She was incapable, as were the team running with her, of reading the Illinois election laws that she voted for.  As a result, she was ineligible to be on the ballot.  But the law firm who wants to regain its contract with the Village (for several hundred thousand dollars more than our current law firm charged) represented her in court and won a reprieve for placing her on the ballot.  What does that tell you about her cronyism with our money?

Please vote for a team that I have personally vetted for fiscal restraint and competence.  Tony Giles for Village President. He’s proven himself as a Trustee for many years now.  For Trustees:  Rasma Motykowski, Diane Selmer, and a write-in, James Marter. [Smarter without the “S”. Fill in the oval before the write-in name] You can depend on these folks to hold the tax line for you.

Leonard R. Wass