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Letter: Johnson Unqualified to be Village President

Mar 26, 2015 07:07PM ● By Steven Jack
Gail Johnson’s record as an Oswego Village Trustee is so bad she should not be running for the Village Presidency.  She is unqualified, and would be a train wreck for Oswego.
Some examples… Gail Johnson pushed through the refinancing for 2006-2007 bonds in Year 2014 which resulted in the Village paying double interest for one year, and additional interest cost of $475,000 over 5 years, even though that was pointed out to her.  That’s YOUR money she squandered. 
She supported paying over $300,000 to Westphalia Chevy who said they’d be unlikely to stay in town without the incentive.  Tony Giles helped block her proposal, and Westphalia is doing well. Their competitor, Riverview Ford, is spending over $1.3 million to renovate its facility without any incentives.
Besides wasteful spending, Gail Johnson repeatedly displayed poor judgment. She was castigated by the Ledger Sentinel for overstepping her Village authority helping a friend who was fired from a Village position. She didn’t read the rules for non partisan elections which she voted for, and then ran to her law firm to get her on the ballot. She admitted publicly that she didn’t read the rules for these elections.  Do you want someone like her as Village President? I don’t.
Please vote for fiscally conservative Tony Giles for Village President.  Also vote for fiscally conservative and well qualified Trustees, Diane Selmer, Rasma Motykowski, and write-in candidate, James Marter.  (Like “smarter” without the “S”).  Remember to fill in the oval next to the write-in.
William Gade