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Letter: Doyle Will Bring Back Culture of Communication

Mar 26, 2015 06:56PM ● By Steven Jack

As a parent, I am supporting Lauri Doyle for Oswego 308 School Board. I had the pleasure of volunteering for several days with Lauri at a Girl Scout summer camp.

The preparation and all of the details, which went into planning this week long camping adventure for 53 second graders was truly impressive. Yes, the event itself only lasted a week, but our leaders started preparing months ahead of time to ensure that our girls had the best experience possible. Lauri’s attention to detail and determination were the key to making the camp one of the best weeks of my daughter’s life!

Lauri has wonderful leadership qualities and all of the campers loved joining the activities when Applejack (Lauri’s camp name) was explaining the next great game or event on the schedule. Lauri excitedly listened to my ideas and suggestions and appreciated the experiences I’ve had from attending and leading camps in a foreign country. Her flexibility, open mindedness, teamwork, organization, and willingness to listen ensured that our girls had the best time.

These are the qualities we need in our Board of Education members. Communication between the school board and parents has been completely lacking in the past few years. Please vote for Lauri Doyle and help bring open communication back!

Petra Kozbiel