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Letter: Ploger Wants What is Best for All Students

Mar 23, 2015 03:53PM ● By Steven Jack

I recently had the opportunity to learn more about Jared Ploger, who is running for Oswego School Board.  I was thrilled to find out that he is an educator, active in the schools, is a coach and also a member of the Farm Bureau.  

He is committed to our Special education and ELL programs which is very encouraging.   We need someone who will put our children first and listen to parents and administration before making decisions.  It is his goal to restore trust in our Board of Education and I believe he can and will.

Jared is also dedicated to trying to cap property taxes for the districts retirees.  To me it is simple; Jared Ploger wants what is best for our students, parents and other stakeholders in the district.  That is why he has my vote.  Vote Jared Ploger April 7th.  

Rebecca Wheeler