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Letter: Doyle Will Treat School District 308 Families with Respect

Mar 23, 2015 03:45PM ● By Steven Jack

Lauri Doyle is a School Board Candidate who understands the value of community involvement in our schools. She wants to change the culture of our district to allow our families to be welcomed into the school district. She wants families to feel valued when they give feedback to the district. She wants their knowledge and expertise in their specialties to be utilized for the good of the children. Lauri really cares about our families and wants us all to be treated with respect. 

We like that.  We like that Lauri wants us to be treated with respect. As parents in this district we represent a growing number of people who are being marginalized by the corporate culture of the district administration. We should not be pushed aside and told that our concerns have no bearing on what the district is going to do. These are our children! We absolutely have a need, and a right, to voice our concerns. When our children have their programs cut or moved around, their education suffers, and this has a strong impact on the schools and community alike. Lauri wants to work to stop this from happening.

Lauri is always willing to talk to anyone, and is very receptive to parent input. She will make an excellent member of the Board of Education. She wants to involve the community in the education process, and keep the lines of communication open. She has our vote!

Laura McAran and Eduardo Andrade