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Letter: Kauffman Will Help Lead Community Down Proper Path

Mar 23, 2015 03:35PM ● By Steven Jack
It's getting close to election time in Oswego again. There are candidates running for Village Trustee who think they are experienced enough to lead Oswego forward. These candidates have publicly stated they are against growth, and think our community must wait while surrounding communities position themselves for growth and prosperity.

Ryan Kauffman is not one of these candidates and has the experience and knowledge to move Oswego forward. He has earned advanced degrees in Finance and Economics from North Central College and has applied his knowledge as an asset manager for a large Midwestern bank for the past ten years. When not working, Ryan can be found attending police commissioner meetings as an appointed Village of Oswego Police Commissioner, volunteering at the Church of the Good Shepard, or visiting with other Oswego residents at various downtown Oswego restaurants and small businesses.

Oswego is a community at a crossroads. One road will lead to more of the same, missed opportunities for growth and expansion while neighboring communities reap the rewards of adopting a business friendly environment. This road is full of self-serving politicians who promote their own personal interests rather than the communities'.

The other road leads Oswego forward to a position where families and businesses will grow and thrive from an expanding population that will patronize local businesses and visit local parks. As a community, we cannot afford to lose another Sam's club to our neighbors.

Oswego is primed for consumer spending, as evidenced by the overflowing parking lots located along the Route 34 corridor, the long lines at the downtown farmers markets during the summer, and the swelling attendance at the abundant number of annual Oswego festivals. Oswego has reached a crossroads and needs leadership truly representative of its residents.

Ryan Kauffman represents sustainable growth that will propel Oswego to prosperity for its current and future residents. On April 7th, I encourage you to vote for sustainable growth and a business friendly attitude, I encourage you to vote for Ryan Kauffman.  Ryan knows what it takes to make Oswego not only the community where businesses and residents want to work and live, but the community that will serve as the model for growth in the Southwestern suburbs.

Ryan O'Connor