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Only Oswego

Letter: Johnson Candidacy Distressing

Mar 22, 2015 05:43PM ● By Steven Jack
Gail Johnson’s candidacy for Oswego Village President is distressing, as is the “team” she is trying to get in with her. She has a long record of gigantic conflicts of interest and wasteful spending.
She proposed paying $100,000 per acre, far above market, to a developer for a new $42 million police station we could not afford. She wanted to spend $95,000 for a Park n Ride used by only 50 riders. She voted to appoint her husband as police commissioner (a paid position) which is against state law (he had to resign). Recently she wanted a large gasoline tax. Never does she say NO to new taxes, and now has visions of spending more as Village President. 
We cannot afford Gail Johnson or the crew she wants to bring in as Trustees.  She has been funded by special interests, like developers and law firms.  Recall, she is the one who pushed for a TIF at old Alexander’s Lumber to benefit her crony developer friends. We are fortunate to have had a majority of fiscally sound Trustees who blocked her past efforts.
But three of those four are vacating their seats. One is running for Village President, Tony Giles, a good man. Vote for him.
One Trustee we need to elect is a write-in, James Marter. Remember to spell his name exactly and fill in the oval on the ballot before you write in his name. 
The other two fiscally sound candidates are Diane Selmer and Rasma Motykowski.
William Gade