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Only Oswego

Letter: Former School Board Member Supporting Banks, Doyle and Ploger

Mar 22, 2015 05:41PM ● By Steven Jack

The forthcoming Village and Board of Education elections could mark a historic change for the better for Oswego.  

As an ardent, yet non-vocal, observer of local politics, I find this election season both comical and scary.  Comical in that the events leading to the voting booth are full of intrigue and mystery, backstabbing and back slapping.  

Scary, in that our candidates are clearly defined as old school and new school.  The choice for our elected officials is our own responsibility and the only way we will achieve our long-term goals is to MAKE SURE TO VOTE!

Having attended the Boulder Hill BOE Candidate Forum last week, I was surprised by the lower overall turnout and the relative casual nature of the candidates’ responses.  They noted that they have been to 12 forums, with many of the same attendees, so that is somewhat understandable.  

As a first-time participant, I asked direct questions that required thought and consideration before answering.  I was impressed by the newly slated candidates versus the incumbents, who I found almost condescending.  

At the end of the evening, I felt comfortable with Banks, Ploger and Doyle, fresh faces, concerned parents and definite “new voices” to address the needs of our district.

This being an off-year election, the hope by the incumbents is to hope for a lower turnout, although I cannot think of going lower than the, less than, 3,000 votes cast in our last election.  Let your voice be heard, PLEASE VOTE IN THIS ELECTION!

John Graff, former member of the School District 308 Board