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Letter: Johnson's Only Agenda is to Serve

Mar 22, 2015 05:37PM ● By Steven Jack
It is such a thrill to see Gail Johnson in the running to lead Oswego into the future.

It is a thrill because I have known her for over three decade and in that time I have seen her consistently prove that she has no agenda except to serve.

When I first met Gail we were working hard to get a school referendum passed ,.. and today's students are the beneficiaries. In the years to come, Gail provided insightful training for your park district staff members.

And now, she has proven her rational, thoughtful perspective on the Oswego Village Board.

You have no better choice for Village President than thoughtful, cooperative, caring Gail Johnson. Vote early, but not often. Cast your one important vote for wise, forward-looking leadership for your Village. ... Gail Johnson for President of the Village of Oswego. 

Bert Gray,  Former Village Resident