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Letter: New Village Trustees Need to be Fiscal Conservatives

Mar 20, 2015 02:44PM ● By Steven Jack
I’m a young married with a new child and mortgaged home in Oswego. We’d like to remain in Oswego, but property taxes are making it harder to do so.

The Village of Oswego has frozen taxes because of four fiscally conservative Trustees who oppose new taxes, and reject irresponsible expenditures.  One Trustee, Tony Giles, is running for Village President.

Unfortunately, three of the four good Trustees are leaving the Board.  We need to replace them with like minded Trustees who support our interests, not their own “dreams” or their financial benefactors.

The “tax, spend, & borrow” group that is running for office is headed by Gail Johnson. She has a track record of irresponsibility while a Trustee, and now wants to be Village President. She has a like minded team to bring in with her, who has planted big, costly signs all over Oswego.  Where do you think the money for that came from?

For example, Gail Johnson supported a $250,000 incentive for a car dealer to remain in Oswego. Thank God the four good Trustees stopped her.  She has a reputation for supporting developers, and legal firms, in return for their financial support of her.

Please vote for the fiscally conservative team:  Tony Giles for Village President; and for Village Trustees Diane Selmer, Rasma Motykowski, and James Marter (a write-in candidate).  As my dad told me, write in James Smarter without the S, and don’t forget to blacken in the oval too.

Salvador Barocio, Jr.