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Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

Mar 20, 2015 09:00AM ● By Pamela Hampton

Have you ever wondered what type of behavior you model for your children? 

The type of person you are may be the type of person your child aspires to be. Being a caring giving person is a character trait that will not only enhance the lives of others, but yours as well. 

Teaching your children to care about others is a lesson that could make the world a better place, and there is always room to make the world a better place. 

Not too long ago my kids and I were running errands and there was a man sitting on the curb with a sign asking for food. My kids wanted to help, so we bought him food — not for just one day but enough for a  few days. 

Because my kids were so concerned about the man they kept asking me to go back to where they saw him to give him food. Being kind isn’t just about doing for those who can’t do for themselves at the moment, but it’s also about doing something nice for a kind person. 

There’s a lady that works in my kids' school cafeteria that my kids say  is so nice. Can you keep a secret? Because this lady is so nice my kids will be doing something nice for her at the end of the school year, remember it’s a secret.  

My kids are in the Jr. Diversity Council in District 308, and for their community project they decided to help children who are waiting to be adopted.  I reached out to The Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley and they were pleased that such young children wanted to help. 

The Jr. Diversity Council will host a fundraiser to provide school supplies for the 2015-2016 school year for children of The Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley. More information coming soon. 

So let’s recap, your kids are watching you, listening to you and one day will grow up and may act just like you. What type of behavior are you showing them? Remember it’s not what you tell them to do it’s what you show them to do.

Kid 2 Kid

I asked my kids if they could help anyone in the world who would it be and why? My daughter said she would help animals and homeless people, because animals can’t help themselves and homeless people may just need a power up. 

My son said he would help kids who want to go to basketball camp but don’t have enough money and if he helps them they can play in the NBA and he would help homeless people because they seem very nice and they just need help. Well, I guess that speaks volumes. 

About me

 I am an Oswego mom to two wonderful kids and the wife of the greatest man I know. I have written 3 children’s books all about my kids, the stories are true and the material is endless. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Chicago State University and a Master’s Degree from DeVry’s Keller School of Management. You can catch me around town shopping, at the movies or volunteering at my kids' school.