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Letter: Doyle is a Parent Who Cares About Kids' Education

Mar 16, 2015 04:42PM ● By Steven Jack
Last week I began looking into the candidates running for the Oswego school board, and I was really interested in what I read about Lauri Doyle.

This is a parent who has given up her time to serve our schools for 3 years, in many different ways and has been involved with many of the top-level committees in our district. She has so much experience working with our district that she now wants to step up to volunteer for our school board. This is a parent who really cares about our kids' education.

She wants kids to reach their own personal success no matter what that looks like. She believes that our students need to have educated and successful teachers to help kids reach their potential, not just an acceptable test score. Lauri wants to support our teachers so that they can have the tools they need to be able to give kids a more specialized education. She wants teachers to have the training to understand the needs of students beyond just the academic needs. 

Also I like that Lauri knows about our school’s finances and is willing to work with the village to help us manage growth responsibly. 

I will be voting for Lauri on April 7, and I hope that you will too. She is ethical, knowledgeable, and she cares about our families!

Angela Pannarale