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Letter: Doyle Has Energy, Passion to Improve the Community

Mar 16, 2015 04:40PM ● By Steven Jack

As a parent of two young students in SD 308, my support is wholeheartedly for Lauri Doyle for Board of Education.  I believe that she has the ideal combination of skills, qualities and connections with the parents to represent us well. 

I have had the privilege and honor to work closely with Lauri as a volunteer for the Girl Scouts, and I have seen up close how she dedicates her energy and passion to improve our community.  She is an excellent team member, she is not afraid of hard work, and she has great ideas when tackling big challenges.  I am proud to continue to work with her as a Girl Scout Leader.

Lauri applies this same passion and energy that I’ve seen when she volunteers in other places in our community, further demonstrating her commitment to making our community better.  Lauri served as an advisor to our Board of Education on the Finance and Operations Committee for two years.  She actually enjoys reading the bills for payment line by line and she understands the financial responsibilities.  

Lauri’s demeanor is respectful and compassionate, and her personality is friendly and approachable.  She is a great role model for our youth, and a powerful liaison for the parents.  Lauri Doyle is the right candidate and will be an excellent member of the SD 308 Board of Education.  Lauri deserves your vote on April 7th.

Lori Janis