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Letter: Ploger Is a Candidate That Can Be Trusted

Mar 16, 2015 04:33PM ● By Steven Jack

I have had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Jared Ploger, a candidate for Oswego 308 School Board.  Mr. Ploger is someone who understands this district.  

Mr. Ploger was talking about boundary changes when the district unveiled a transition plan that stated they were going to redraw lines during the 2014-2015 school year.  He also accurately stated to the Board that the departure from the Kendall County Co-Op should not be done in one year but rather a two year process.  Now, the district is finally admitting it needs to redraw lines and eventually voted to leave the Co-Op in two years.  

Both of these issues are a result of Jared’s understanding of the area.  He knew administration and the current Board were not going to allow lines to be redrawn during an election year and he called them out on it.  Also, he knew the other Kendall County School Boards would not allow Oswego to leave without letting them have enough time to come up with a plan.  

So, who do I trust will be in touch with our children, parents, and other stakeholders as the district redraws lines this year?  I like Jared Ploger’s message; restore trust in our board.  And that is who I trust, vote for Jared Ploger on April 7th.  

Elizabeth Gutenkauf