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Letter: Ploger, Banks Value Students as Individuals

Mar 15, 2015 07:09PM ● By Steven Jack
When I recently expressed concern about programming for my first grade daughter, a current Board member explained that because my concern only affects 2% of the district’s students, the issue would not be given any more attention, and that there was not enough time to research the matter further because there are 18,000 other students in this district to think about.
Wow! Really? If we allow our and School Board to look at our children as a collective group of 18,000, rather than as 18,000 individual students, who benefits? Not the individual student. Not the collective group of 18,000. Because who is that collective group, if not 18,000 individual students?
As School Board elections approach, I am seeking candidates who value students as individuals; candidates who take the time to research and understand 308’s issues, even issues that affect only small subgroups of our students.
I have found those attributes in Jared Ploger and Brad Banks.
Ploger, as an involved teacher, and Banks, as an active parent, both spend extensive time volunteering in the schools. From chaperoning students on trips to Washington, D.C. (Ploger), to heading extracurricular activities (Banks), and everything in between, both demonstrate a passion for students. Further, each has devoted exhaustive hours to researching and understanding the issues facing our district, seeking to advance all students to their highest potential.
Let’s remember why we have a Board of Education. On April 7, vote Ploger and Banks!

Julie Apor